Trådløs sykkelcomputer

499,00 NOK

Echowell trådløs sykkelcomputer


- Hastighetsmåler

- 4 funksjoner

- Vantett

- Radiooverføring




Trådløs sykkelcomputer med 22 funksjoner.


- SPD Current Speed.
-ODO Odometer
-DST Distance of Single trip.
-MXS Max Speed.
-AVS Average speed.
-TM Time of Ride.
-CLK (12H/24H)/ Clock.
-SCAN Display Cycle Functions one by one.
-SW Timer (seconds watch)
-CDD Count down Distance
-CDT Count down Time
-CAL Calories Level
-FAT Fat Burn measurement
-TEM Temperature
-Indication for the low current condition (2.5V)
-Current save function
-“+” “-” Comparator
-Maintenance and reminding function
KM/hr,M/hr/ Adaptable for KM/hr or M/hr
-Wheel perimeter setting
-Default value of odometer setting
-Sampling cycling